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DNCE visits AOL HQ for an AOL Build Speaker Series!

November 18th 2016 – AOL Build Speaker Series at AOL HQ in New York City

24 AOL Build Speakers Series

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DNCE at the 2016 MTV EMAs!

November 6th 2016 MTV EMAs 2016 – Arrivals, Backstage & Audience

November 6th 2016 MTV EMAs 2016 – Live Performance

22 MTV EMAs 2016 Portraits

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DNCE covers 1883 Magazine!

You may have heard their catchy single, “Cake by the Ocean”, still dominating the Top 40 UK charts for the 31st week – but DNCE are proving they are more than just a one hit wonder.
Joe Jonas – one third of the teen pop band The Jonas Brothers – has separated with Disney once and for all as he joins with Jinjoo, Jack and Cole to create DNCE. The band mates each have over a decade of experience in the music industry, having toured with the likes of CeeLo Green, Charli XCX, Jordin Sparks, Semi Precious Weapons and of course The Jonas Brothers.Rest assured these aren’t newbies to the music scene.
MTV’s 2016 Best New Artist winners are currently travelling the world touring since “Cake by the Ocean” made its way into the charts. Ahead of their sold out show at the Islington O2 in London, 1883 me up with the quartet to get to know band a bit better.

Read the full interview @ 1883magazine.com!

17 1883 Magazine

DNCE draws each other for 1883 Magazine

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DNCE covers Issue 24 of Fault Magazine!


Joe Jonas’ DNCE has been topping the UK charts for 3 weeks straight, with their overly catchy tune Cake By The Ocean. After giving it a try solo, Jonas ultimately decided that he’s more comfortable in a group rather than on his own. And he couldn’t have made a better call. With Cake By The Ocean blasting from every corner you could possibly imagine, the band are currently touring Europe and are expected to release an album late in the summer. It’s safe to say that Joe has broken the Jonas Brothers mold, much like his younger sibling Nick who was FAULT 21’s cover star. In FAULT Issue 24’s Music Cover shoot, we catch up with Joe here’s his take on life outside of The Jonas Brothers, personal tracks and growing up in the public eye.

When you first got the band together, what was your initial aim? Where did you want it to go?
Originally, it was just about creating the music. At first, we had a bit of a writer’s block and we couldn’t quite figure out the vibe that we wanted. And finally, we worked with new producers from Sweden and kind of just broke the mold. It all happened very quickly and we’re really thrilled with the reaction and how things have happened so far.

How important do you think chemistry is within a band and do you think you have it?
Chemistry is very important. You’re sharing every moment with that person and you want to be able to feel comfortable with them, wherever you go. Sometimes you’re traveling internationally, you’re sharing a tour bus. Not to mention the overall vibe about performing on stage. You want to feel comfortable. I’m very lucky to say we get along.

You must have a lot of unreleased tracks under your belt that you can’t wait to put out. Do you have one in particular that you’re eager to release?
I’d say that Cake By The Ocean has been one of my favourites. There’s also a song called Almost that I wrote with our producer, Nolan, and a few other writers in LA. Almost is a personal song and I feel like it’s really fun to share those with the world. When you can really pull from personal experience and find a way to showcase it in a relatable way, it’s always a rewarding feeling. If you’re going through stuff and have any sort of creative outlet, you might as well put it into good use.

You’ve also had a solo project beforehand. Pros and Cons to working solo as opposed to working in a group?
There are a lot of similarities. There are obviously things that you do when you’re traveling and touring with your brothers that are nice, because you’ve got your family with you at all times. And then, there’s also the element of playing with friends. It’s a fun vibe. But I do prefer playing in a group. There’s something special about our band.

Do you have to deal with Jonas Brothers comparisons anymore?
There are sometimes some comparisons here and there, but I don’t mind. We’re also really supportive of each other’s individual careers, so it makes it all a lot easier.

Since you’ve been in the public eye your entire life, what’s your personal take on fame?
I think fame is something that kind of comes with what you do. Some people handle it differently. I grew up around it, so it hasn’t always been an easy thing for me, but you learn to adjust and adapt to how you’re comfortable. Ultimately, there are things that you’re gonna be cool with and things that are gonna be tough to get over. But at the end of the day, if you remember where you come from and how it can all go away so easily, it makes it a little bit easier to handle.

What’s your FAULT?
I can be clumsy on stage. There are definitely a few shows where I’ve fallen off. There are a couple of Youtube videos to be watched.

Preorder the issue now!

16 Fault Magazine

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Joe Jonas is featured on the cover of the August issue of #Legend Magazine!


Joe Jonas is a tall drink of water on the August issue of #legend magazine. The pop idol and DNCE frontman dishes on touring with Selena Gomez, his band’s funky new sound and the depth of the Jonas bromance. Full link to article here. (Please credit Eric Michael Roy for photography).

Joe on his idea of fun: “I like cigars, it’s my one vice. They get me to a good place.”

On his relationship with Selena Gomez: “We rarely get to spend much time together, but I’ve known her since she was really young, and we kind of watched each other grow up.”

On competing for girlfriends with brother Nick Jonas: “We’re pretty supportive of each other. There might be a rare occasion where we’ve got to make sure,
“Hey, you haven’t dated this person, have you?”

To complement Joe’s scorching 12-page feature, the latest issue of #legend also profiles a dizzying array of fascinating personalities including Italian footwear brand Hogan’s Andrea Della Valle, Sow Asia’s Darius Yuen and the ever-formidable and fashionable David Beckham.

The magazine also helps readers escape to lush Marrakesh souks and a mountainous Umbrian getaway. The newly-engaged can also get their wedding fix with #legend’s inaugural wedding special – brimming with top tips and ideas on how to prepare for the big day.

The August 2016 issue of #legend is available at newsstands and bookstores across Hong Kong. Visit hashtaglegend.com for ongoing commentary, news and multimedia content around the clock. Special subscription deals are also available to the most discerning of readers.

Read Joe’s feature in #legend on their website @ hastaglegend.com!

15 Joe Jonas for #Legend Magazine

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Paper Magazine: DNCE Talk Debut Album, “Cake By the Ocean” and Why They Don’t Get Sick of Each Other

We met up with Joe Jonas, JinJoo, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle of the new pop-funk party band DNCE during a drippy-popsicle sunset one evening in downtown Los Angeles. Even if you’ve never heard of DNCE or seen them starring in the latest Diesel campaign, you’ve likely heard their music. “Cake by the Ocean,” the bouncy disco single off 2015’s Swaay EP, has been splashing around the talk show and festival circuits, pepping up Sprint commercials and creeping steadily up the charts since its release last fall. At first glance, this grown-up teen idol, forever-in-shades fashion plate, scruffy no-fuss indie guy and tatted-up glam rocker with an off-kilter mohawk hardly look like they’d be in the same bar, let alone the same band, but their easy chemistry and deep camaraderie is palpable. “It’s kind of unheard of to start a band with people who all get along, spend every second together and don’t want to kill each other,” Jonas says with a smile.

To understand DNCE, you must first understand the band’s lead singer, Joe Jonas. After making his name at 16 (alongside brothers Kevin and Nick) as a member of the Disney-masterminded singing and acting juggernaut, the Jonas Brothers, he took a break from music after the trio broke up in 2013. “I didn’t want to just rush back into things [after the breakup],” he recalls. “It’s very tough in the music industry to have a second chance and come back with new music that has an effect again.” While he figured out his next move, Joe started working on music with his friends for fun, trying to wrap his arms around the funky, Hall and Oates-inflected pop project he’d been mulling over since his Jonas Brothers days.

In the summer of 2015, things snapped into focus. He decided the sound was better suited to a group project and recruited his old touring buddies Lawless, former drummer for the Jonas Brothers, and JinJoo, the South Korean shredder whom he met when she was playing lead guitar for his one-time opening act, Jordin Sparks. A mutual friend introduced Jonas to Whittle, formerly of Semi Precious Weapons, who would round out the group as their bassist, keyboardist and de facto philosopher.

And just like that, these four 20-somethings became a brand-new band. Their name comes from a serendipitous misspelling of the word ‘dance’ in a group text, and the concept for their hit single was a gift from Swedish producers Mattman and Robin, who inadvertently ended the band’s three-day-long struggle with writer’s block when Jonas overheard their lost-in-translation attempt to order a Sex on the Beach — Cake by the Ocean. This unlikely innuendo inspired the jangly, wacky single that became the band’s calling card and the north star for their sound — pumped, optimistic, groovy, silly and shot through with sunshine. “We sound like our personalities,” Whittle says. “A mix of different people from different places who are all best friends and all having fun.” Their debut EP, all silky falsetto and effervescent grooves, captures kooky romantic vignettes on tracks that use cake as a metaphor for sex and toothbrushes as a metaphor for intimacy, plus one song that playfully imagines life as a girlfriend’s rentboy. It ends with “Jinx,” a sweet ballad (with kazoos!) about being so infatuated in a new relationship that you don’t want to jinx it by saying it out loud.

“I think in the same way that the band was created organically, [‘Cake’] just kind of grew,” Whittle explains. “It grew up really fast, but with loose hands around it — no one was forcing it into pop radio, or forcing the band into the conventional things you have to do to get a hit.” Now, in less than a year, they’ve gone from playing small industry showcases and raucous basement shows, to joining Selena Gomez on her ‘Revival’ tour where they’re bringing the party to over 50 cities. And this August they’ll be releasing their as-yet-untitled full-length LP. As they discuss the future, the members of DNCE emanate the amped-up giddiness and confidence of a new band after their first big break, deepened by their personal knowledge of how rare it is for success and creative fulfillment to walk hand-in-hand. “Every single day is a dream come true,” JinJoo says wistfully, as her bandmates nod in agreement. Whittle adds, “DNCE is on a groovy shag carpet ride.”


13 Paper Magazine by Logan White

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DNCE talks music, dance moves and performing with LADYGUNN!


Imperfectly perfect: DNCE knows a thing or two about living life with no regrets. Comprised of singer Joe Jonas, guitarist JinJoo, bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle, and drummer Jack Lawless, the band exploded onto the scene with their poppy debut single, “Cake by the Ocean,” a radio hit that caters to a musical sweet tooth for sticky, saccharine pop-rock.
While the band formed in 2015, Jonas had been working to bring his vision of DNCE to life ever since the Jonas Brothers officially disbanded in 2013. The band’s SWAAY EP, released at the end of last year, is just the pre-party—albeit a wildly fun one—for their debut album, slated for an August release. Reminiscent of a funkier Maroon 5 or The Killers, the EP refuses to take itself too seriously… and is catchy as hell. The music feels nostalgic of that epic night when you crashed a stranger’s house party, had one too many frozen margaritas, and cherry bombed into the pool… or wish you had.
In their own words, DNCE are “the best friends you wish you could’ve met years ago.” Yeah, that sounds about right. And just like old pals, we chatted with the band about their upcoming album, their go-to DNCE moves, and about the time they performed for Barack Obama.

What is the album going to be about?
A lot of the songs will be about love and life, but as seen through giant, funky disco glasses.
SWAAY EP had a fresh sound, but also included the element of nostalgia. Which musicians inspire your sound?
Earth, Wind & Fire, and post-2000’s Nicolas and John Cage.
What do you think it is about your band that connects with people?
We’re the best friends you wish you could’ve met years ago!
Joe, what is it about the experience of creating music that is different while in a band versus as a solo artist?
It’s always been comfortable for me to work within a band, whether it be with my brothers or my friends. Everyone brings different ideas to the table for a more collaborative experience.
Describe one another’s go-to DNCE moves.
JinJoo’s is “Korean Twerker,” Jack’s is “Backup singer for The Doors,” Cole’s is “The Last Air Bender,” and Joe’s is “Elvis meets MC Hammer.”
If everyone in the band where an animal, what would you be?
JinJoo would be a hamster, Jack would be a large wild cat, Cole would be a turkey burger, and Joe would be a bald eagle.
How do you balance creative differences and collaborate as a band?
We all trust each other and always vibe to the correct destination, creatively.
JinJoo, what’s it like playing in a band of all boys?
This is basically a girl-band with three boys in it!
DNCE has so much energy on stage. What are you guys up to an hour before showtime? Any pre-show rituals?
Before every show we practice aerobics, martial arts, Olympic drinking and interpretive joke-telling.
Your shows are stupid fun. Which show has been your favorite thus far?
Every show has been memorable for us because the fans make each show different. Some standout shows were playing MSG last December, playing a soccer stadium in Nicaragua, and performing on The Ellen Show on the same show as Barack Obama.
What is something about DNCE that fans would be surprised to hear?
Obama once opened up for us! (See previous answer.)
Since “Cake by the Ocean” dropped, how many cakes have you received? Who in the band is the ultimate cake monster?
We have received many cakes, big and small, tasty and disgusting. We’d have to say that Joe is our ultimate cake monster.


007 LADYGUNN By Angelo Kritikos
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DNCE’s portrait session at SXSW!

005 2016 SXSW Portrait Session in Austin, TX

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DNCE shows GQ how to do SXSW their way!

012 GQ during SXSW by Chona Kasinger

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DNCE is featured in the April 2016 issue of Schön! Magazine!

011 Schön! Magazine by Steven Taylor

credit: JustJared.com

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